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Cypress does a great job. Jeanne is always super helpful, responsive and able to answer all of our questions. 1st class operation.



Thank you so much for assisting me with my dilemma at the DMV.  You are the Insurance Goddess,  and Cypress Insurance is certainly insurance Heaven. Thank you and everyone at your office for all your assistance over the past 40 years as we celebrate 40 years in our business and it's partnership with Cypress Insurance.

Undeniable best customer service anywhere. I've been a client since 1995. That's why I still am. I wouldn't trust anyone else to be as fast, efficient and kind as my girls at Cypress. The 3 C's Carissa, Colleen & Cathy, ??

Just a note of thanks for Lisa Rinaldi for a job well done! She answered my questions promptly and was extremely courteous; also gave me call as follow up to be sure I received the updated policy! Great job-much appreciated!

Working with Cypress Insurance has been a true pleasure for many years now. They know their products, guide you effectively and their professionalism is amazing. Carissa knows what our needs are and is always quick to respond to them. We use Cypress for all of our insurance needs and wouldn't consider going anywhere else! Thank you to all the wonderful ladies there that help make our lives easier when it comes to insurance.
Hilda Pardo, Pompano Beach, FL
16 months ago my boss went into the hospital and passed away 4 months later. I was left to figure out the entire office routine and was clueless about many procedures and ESPECIALLY about our insurance polices. Many calls and emails were sent to Jeanne Bender of Cypress Insurance Group in Ft. Lauderdale and she was always professional, efficient, patience and SO helpful . She is everything you want an agent to be! Just this week she assisted me with another issue about which I was clueless. Thank you Jeanne! You are the BEST.

Amanda Lunetta has been so wonderful and I will always remember her for helping to establish ALL our insurance products. From setting everything up seamlessly in the beginning, to answering my million questions, to a break-in we had, through a fender bender and even somehow managing to partially sink our boat. UGH! She has been awesome – it’s not everyday that you meet someone who is willing to help throughout each stage – and not just push products. The result, of course, was selling insurance products – but her personal caring approach, value added advice and crisp guidance in times of need was the true difference maker. In short, we love doing business with her, personally!

Carissa made our out-of-state business relationship completely trouble free. She was absolutely fantastic to work with.

I have had the pleasure of working with Carissa for several years now. She adds a personal touch to her professional service that is so well appreciated. Thank you for handling all our business insurance needs!
Mark Plating, West Palm Beach, FL

Carissa and Amanda - I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efficiency, organization, and of course the savings.  This is the way customer service should be handled.  You guys are doing a great job, and I will definitely refer you to all of my clients.

I have used my interactions with you (Amanda) often to demonstrate a good customer experience.  From when we first moved to Florida, to you now helping us insure everything we’ve got, wind, flood, homeowners, auto, boat, and an umbrella  - you know me!  You match my preference to using email vs phone and how you directly supported me a couple years back when I called you in a panic when our house was broken into.  You’re always so responsive also J  it means a lot!  Thanks for everything!

I have worked closely with Marge and she is an outstanding employee and a joy to work with.

Leeann, without your persistent efforts on our behalf, the reclassification and acceptance of our opening protection would never have happened.  You were an energetic and persistent advocate for us and we cannot thank you enough.

Sandy, you have been so good to and for us over the years, we wouldn’t throw you overboard for a web quote.  I just needed to do some comparative shopping.  We appreciate the value-added service you provide and we are grateful to be Cypress Insurance customers

I am so grateful to Carissa and Cathy.  They do their work better than any other person at any other Company I’ve done business with.  Not to brag, there are many.

Carla is highly responsive, professional and competent.  I sincerely appreciate her great attitude and ability to turn things around quickly.  She gets it right the first time.  I hope my operations and customer support people are doing that good of a job for our client base!

Thank you so much for your (as always) prompt and efficient response.  It is always a pleasure dealing with you Jeanne.

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